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Posted by Naghorvik - April 29th, 2018

Ill be honest it never was my thing, But it seems its what potential clients want me to produce. The pros are being able to play with a blank canvis of sorts having the idyosyncratic nature of being a Rivethead brought to the table with. . .hmmmm. . . .  (just to be left of center. . .)  A LAPSTEEL! (that should take it someplace interesting) Since sampling is a big part of the genre lets throw a sample of something they wont expect in a way they wont ever see coming. . . THE KICK DRUMS, from Throbbing Gristle's Discipline (live) those kick patterns would actually work for trap step in regard to thier phrasing. (there never was a snare) 



Posted by Naghorvik - April 28th, 2018

-After some mixed reviews in the audio Portal I decided to kick myself in the ass and properly set up nearfield and far field monitoring using speakers of various types. I personally dont think expensive nearfield monitors (above the grade of M audio for example) are worth it, using vintage AKAI speakers from the 70s with Audio Tech 14 inch PA speakers. For a 4 speaker set up. Upon doing so I see the UGLY TRUTH revealed, my quick Sony headphone mixes where decieving the bass and low mids are all over the place the upper mids are pearcing at times and of course as always every time I check these things the neibours complain. . . I

​crap thier at the door now. . . (sigh) here we go again. . . 

​im gunna have to fix and repost a bunch of these Mixes thanks to BECAUSEMETOO for the honest feedback. . . 

​with that said the mixes on the Audio portal anrt Thaaat bad, ​All art is imperfect after all but its the journey towards  true perfection which partially drives the creative process. Well to a point, then it becomes Chinese democracy Syndrome 

​CHINESE DEMOCRACY SYNDROME : Definition​, Axle rose spent 12 years and 120 million dollars producing the follow up to Guns and Roses Chinese Democracy album. Truth told it wasnt a bad album but was it an album that came out sounding like the effort put in, there in lays the question. After a point an artistic concept needs to be left be and the artist must move to a new concept where the lessons learned from the previous creative action are taken and applied to the new work. Some songs need to be let go, others perhaps can be more . . . Only time will tell I suppose.





Posted by Naghorvik - April 27th, 2018

What can I say, when you have a late nighte band meeting  in a Toronto country band, it always involves Wiskey! Though I dont often get ``Wiskey bent and hell bound`` anymore, It sure leaves my head pounding in the morning. Ugg, Getting too tied up in the Political forum on Newgrounds as my head pound, I guess im a bit to real for some people. Not that I particularly give a shit either way. 

​I was never one to claim I know everything, or succumb to the Diva syndrome so many artists succumb to (though ive had my moments) But i see things the way I see them, I Call it as I see it, and make no apoligies. Isnt that what the heart of creative endevour connects to? Is that not what functions as the catalyst to great art which Is at its core a form of personal expression? 

​Coffee, Cigarettes and Advil, thats what this day needs . . . 


Posted by Naghorvik - April 25th, 2018

-Analyzing the data from the past 24 hrs. . . 

For those not in the know that come across this, a van mowed down 26 people here in north Toronto!

10 Dead and 16 Injured. . . last I checked,  

I know not only from deciphering other news over the years but from past experiences that the CBC does in fact do several takes and edits when shooting a news report for an act of this kind. Example: during the G20 a few years back the reporters where two streets away from the action. They were saying everything was ok like broken records. All the while when the cops where beating the snot out of the protesters and putting them in cages, people where blissfully ignorant. Thus things could have been scrubbed up in this newer scenario squeaky clean before shooting the report. I am not able to go with a mainstream narrative on this knowing that such a precedent exists in our state controlled media.

I'm convinced there is an optics game being played here I'm just not quite sure yet what the end game of this particular psy op is. There was probably something that happened up there. People probably died. Someone came out in a forum and clamed to know a victem. When the victem identities where released this individual seemd strangely absent to confirm which victem they knew. As usual The full scope of what happend, we will never know. The strange fringe anti - femminisim style group which promoted celebecy and which the driver was a part of on his Facebook, A group called Incel, was a Non existant entitiy prior to the attack. Aparently acording to the News this group carried out a previous terrorist attack. A man named Elliot Rodger was mentioned on CBC and Global News. you would think we would have theoretically heard from this group and Mr. Roger before - strange. . . it is difficult to find info on his act of terror which suddenly appeared on global as an earlier act from this somewhat non existant group.

The final facebook post from his account was indeed creepy: 

Private (Recruit) Minassian Infintry 000010 Wishing to speak to Sgt 4chan please C2324961 The Incel Rebellion has already begun! We will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys All Hail supreme gentelmen Elliot Rodger. 

​Now on a side note I would like to point out that the strange strings of numbers (trigger codes) in the above post is something I have seen before when dealing with strange lunatics that for some reason seemd to be always surrounded by police cars and undercover servalance operitives working for CSIS (Canadian intellegence) I was given a string of these numbers once and enterd it into my Facebook status at a cyber cafe only to find two men in trench coats show up at the cafe 5 minuets later claiming to be conducting an in person Facebook survey, yeah right buddy, I guess BS is on sale today eh. Needless to say I booked it out the back door (long story for another time perhaps) 

Working Theory with missing peices: The hard globalist elements rooted in the Canadian government (primarily left wing) have incited this Psy op (in which people actually died I believe) to fuel the fire of the gender crusade within the Social justices war south of the border, and in Europe. An attack based on gender issues and sexual frustration will in the public theater of psy ops create sympathy for Feminist SJW talking points. In the end optics play a big role in the subconcious of the viewer of the 6 o clock news. Blaming sexual frustration for mass murder is tough to swollow, however a Manchurian Candidate cell (simmaler to an Isis cell, only directly run by CSIS) do use these strange online codes.

Due to the fact that the elements of globalist social justice provociturism here in Canada march in lock step with the 
​other groups like Antifa and others in the US and Europe it wouldnt be suprising that the great white north has finally popped its cherry when it comes to freakish acts of terror for vague reasons that dont seem to add up even when written off as a copy cat or lone gunman off his meds 

​Just like fascism was birthed as a reaction to communism. We see something ugly coming out of the woodwork irriguardless of weather or not it can be confirmed the State was involved. We see this Incel as a reactonary response to the unhinged wailing of third wave feminism. Ill admit as one who doesn't agree with third wave feminism I find the more well known opponent to its ideals MGTOW to be equally unbalanced and childish. Though this Incel group doesn't seem related to MGTOW, which is a benign, non violent, semi drunken movement supported by the growing sex robot industry, it is possible that the state funded feminist movement would want to use a fringe cell to put egg on the growing oppositions face in the public theater of psycological warfare, on canadian TV

cant say for sure. . . It will all come out in the wash soon I guess, or get swept under the rug 




Posted by Naghorvik - April 23rd, 2018

How Goes it,  

​I am Naghorvik from Toronto, Im a multi instrumentalist who plays 40 instruments and does artwork from time to time. Check out my profile for a taste and drop me a line anytime.  Hoping to connect with new mucisians artists and designers here for future potential projects or just for fun. Im easy either way.