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You've got some skills, the only thing id recommend (which is a problem I contend with as well) If you can throw a slight gate on the guitar, just a slight bit. . there is a tad bit of that dam buzz we as guitarists tend to just tune out because its so often ever present. But its a nice soothing jam all the same.

Letting the notes hang around 3:40 give your phrasing a nice David Gilmor- esque feel which is a great approach.

ti-on-suxandrox responds:

Thanks for your review. I think that a problem for me personally when it comes to phrasing when I solo is that when I have a guitar in my hand I always feel the need to keep playing, rather than let notes hang around for a while. I think in the mid-section is kind of a good example, where I do let some notes hang around for a while but I keep on bending the string rather than let it hang. The main solo section is probably my worst offender in this category because it's so busy, and I think my favourite section is the ending where I play some busy solos, then end on a string bend and let the note hang for a bar before resuming.

As for the gate, I might actually fix that. To be honest, I think I'm so used to the buzz that my guitar sounds weird to me when there's no buzz, which is why I tend to leave it in during these little jam songs I like to do, although I think I tried to filter it out a bit during the other version of the song with vocals. I think that perhaps the next time I do a little jam like this I might record the guitar solo with a gate placed on it during the recording so that when I mix it doesn't sound as weird.

Anyways, thanks for the review, it means a lot to me to hear feedback on my stuff.

It builds up nice. . .

I am my father Speaking. . .

he agrees with himself. . .

Gougou responds:


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AWSOME! Glad I found this. . .

buriedantenna responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you did to. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on future episodes.

Its like Asimov wrote a 4th Law. . .

buriedantenna responds:

Haha, or at least a loophole.

Very Iconic.

I am what you Make of me. What more can I possibly be. . .

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