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Naghorvik has touched down on Newgrounds. . .

Posted by Naghorvik - April 23rd, 2018

How Goes it,  

​I am Naghorvik from Toronto, Im a multi instrumentalist who plays 40 instruments and does artwork from time to time. Check out my profile for a taste and drop me a line anytime.  Hoping to connect with new mucisians artists and designers here for future potential projects or just for fun. Im easy either way. 





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welcome :D
which instruments do you play?

Hey thanks!

I play everything except brass and woodwinds, I teach and I'm currently trying to figure out steel guitar. Ill admit my violin is pretty scratchy. Obviously I don't stay perfectly in practice on everything but The trick is finding common traits between instruments. If one plays guitar they can negotiate Bass, Mandolin, Banjo, Sitar, Ukulele etc, by way of similar fretting structure.

@Naghorvik I play violin and drums currently. I played piano and guitar for a while, but guitar was never really my instrument, and I was too young for piano, as my fingers couldn't reach the intervals I needed. Recently, I've picked it up again just for fun, though.
I think violin is my favorite of the instruments I've played.
Anyway, have fun on Newgrounds! The entire site is full of stuff to do.


oh shit , and i thought i was cool because i can type on both the computer keyboard and the phone touchscreen. 40? Really? So how many hands do you have? Who needs an orchestra now, right? Or um ... maybe one for each finger ... in that case ... 10 with hand fingers ... 10 with the legs ... um ... are you that doctor octopus guy from spiderman? never would have though that villains play music nowadays instead of taking over the world.
But in all honesty that's so impressive. I find that playing the keyboard is difficult, but playing 40 instruments is as difficult speaking 40 languages in my opinion.

Nahh, I can only play 2.5 of them at a time :P

No octopus arms though sometimes I wish I did. . .

Its not as hard as you think! you might find you can too. Think of what instruments have in common instead of approaching them as if they are each an individual challenge. If you can type on two keyboards your brain is defiantly wired for this. I find if one plays Guitar then Bass, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele, steel guitar, sitar, Urudu, are not far out of their grasp. If one plays keyboard they don't realize they can already play xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel. The real music is within you the instrument is just an extension of that. All it takes is a little time and determination.

I obviously don't have time to be at the top of my game with them all. I still use string patches but maybe Layer a bit of real Violin under them to make them sound more lifelike.

@BECAUSEMETOO @Naghorvik Jeez, wow , thanks, that's not at all what people usually say, everyone is so proud and likes to act as if they are supergeniuses with 40 arms and 60 brains. That's a pretty neat way of looking at it. By the way, polyglots often say that languages also have a bunch of things in common i din't really believe but now when you say the same with the instruments, it makes a lot more sense. Thank you!